Attorney bail bonds

In most criminal cases, a defendant is offered bail so they can have the option to await their trial in the comfort of their own home, in solitude or with their loved ones, rather than a jail cell. In the court system, bail is seen as a type of insurance that you will ultimately return for your appointed court date. There are several types of bonds and many different ways to pay them, and only a few of them will ensure your money is returned to you once you have appeared and completed your final court date.

If you’re familiar with how regular bonds work, attorney bonds are similar and function in the same manner; the only difference is who holds your bond. Like surety bonds, attorney bonds ensure a defendant gets released from jail (as soon as possible) before trial. When looking at the process of an attorney bond, it’s quite simple: you pay your attorney the standard, non-refundable fee (which is virtually always 10% of your bond amount), which will then be used to secure your bail bond.

There is, however, one particular difference when using an attorney bond (which is a convenient one for defendants), and it involves the cost of your representation; lots of times, attorneys who provide bail will allow their clients to use the 10% bail bond fee towards their legal representation. Davis, Ermis, & Roberts are those attorneys. 100% of your bail bond fees will go towards your legal defense and help shorten your list of financial burdens during this process. On the contrary, if you were to hire a bondsman, you would be legally required to pay their usual fee as well as the entirety of costs associated with hiring an attorney to represent you in court. By allowing us to hold your bond, you will effectively combine both your legal fees and your bond fees in one fell swoop, and rest easy knowing you took care of your representation, defense, and bail with one payment, saving you money. We guarantee:

  • Immediate Jail Release
  • Receive Credit Toward Legal Fees
  • Aggressive, experienced legal defense attorneys

Additionally, if a defendant were arrested and detained for felony probation violation and were also held on a no-bond warrant, calling a bail bondsman will not help. Regardless of how much money one has, these specific cases are often dead-ends without any prospects of getting released early from jail. However, Davis, Ermis, & Roberts may be able to help. Our team will use any and all legal ammunition to get a bond set by the judge, and post an attorney bail bond to secure the defendant’s release before getting to work on representing and defending that person in court. 

our attorneys get you out faster

This then brings us to the fact that attorney bonds help streamline your case. When Davis, Ermis, & Roberts handles your bail bond, you can get out of jail or be released from detainment much faster and easier than if you opted for a regular bondsman. We will be able to expertly work around legal obstacles and bypass any tricky loops, and take your files straight to the judge. Whether or not you’ve ever had to sit in a holding cell or detainment facility, it’s not hard to imagine that even one extra hour makes a colossal difference. 

Davis, Ermis, & Roberts understands this sense of urgency when it comes to getting you out of jail, or releasing you from detainment. Being arrested or detained for a crime during evening or overnight hours can be a terrible experience, and many people have had to sit and wait for regular business hours to come around before they can reach their attorney’s office. This would explain why it’s often easier to settle for a traditional bondsmen; however, we operate 24 hours a day for bonds, so you don’t have to wait a minute longer than you need to.

We aggressively protect the rights of individuals during any step of the legal process, whether a bond has been set or not. If we find that no action has been taken to set the bond, we will take all necessary action to contact the court, and seek a writ of habeas corpus to authorize the judge to release the defendant. Very often, when an arrest occurs on a Friday or Saturday evening, a judge may not be on duty and the proceedings to establish a bond may not actually occur until the following Monday; however, this is only without our expert attorneys intervening. When you call us, we will guarantee immediate release from jail.

If the bond has already been set, we will review the amount requested to determine whether it is consistent with the type of offense as well as your risk of flight. You should be aware that bail bonds for repeat offenders or aggravated DWI may be significantly higher than for other drunk driving offenses. If the bond seems inordinately high based on the nature of the offense, we will petition the court to reduce the bond.


If you reside in Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Arlington, or elsewhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and have been detained or charged for a crime, our team will not only do what we can to help lower your bond amount, but will bail you out of jail, and work for your legal defense and representation. Davis, Ermis, & Roberts can guarantee immediate jail release.

Above all, the most important benefit when using our attorney bond services is when one of our attorneys writes or posts the bond, a lawyer is retained on the case the moment the defendant is released. So by having an attorney bond posted, you do not have to look any further for an attorney as experienced as we are to handle the case.

Our experienced attorneys are available, and on-call 24 hours a day. Call us or send us an email today to speak with one of our legal experts to resolve your matter as soon as possible.


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