Family law is there to protect us when we have legal issues with those who are closest to us: family members. In simple terms, it deals with every legal issue that has to do with family problems. This can range from marital issues such as divorce, to adopting a new child. Family lawyers can also serve as mediators when family disputes develop. Family law can be dealt with inside and outside the court system, depending on the problem. Below, we have further explained what family law is and what it entails.

What Is Family Law?

Legal practice areas are many. Not every attorney can help you with every issue. If you’re having issues with family members, you most likely need one that specializes in family law. This particular area has to do with familial relationships and issues. Attorneys who practice family law deal with handling child support, domestic violence, spousal support, legal separation, adoption, etc.

When people hear “family law,” one of the first things that pops into their heads is divorce. However, it is actually much broader than that. As mentioned, it deals with all family legal issues.

What Does It Cover?

In general, family law covers:

Family law also deals with reproductive rights as well as more nuanced issues, such as fostering.

Each legal issue that requires a family lawyer is usually emotionally draining and stressful. Even if you need a family lawyer because you’ve decided to adopt a child or get married (for a prenuptial agreement), you’re still emotionally invested.

A good family attorney will mediate between the two parties. That’s especially helpful in cases of divorce, division of property, or child custody arrangements. Family attorneys will help their clients draft legal documents that layout all agreements.

Often, family lawyers can mediate and protect their clients without going to court. That’s what they are there for. They can help both parties until they reach a fair, mutually beneficial consensus. However, in some cases, a family attorney will have to argue their client’s best interests in front of a judge. Cases of domestic abuse or termination of parental rights usually end up in court. They also require an excellent attorney to be resolved.

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